New Era Press (P) Ltd. publishes JULM SE JUNG (National Newspaper). The company operates many types of NGO in all over India. Celebrating its 10th anniversary. JULM SE JUNG newspaper for all Indian readers. Newspaper will strive to become one of most valuable Hindi newspaper in India. Reader will naturally improve their thinking. JULM SE JUNG also completed education network with schools. New Era Press (P) Ltd has a proud tradition and an unmatched brand power in media and education. JULM SE JUNG is an award-winning weekly. JULM SE JUNG was founded in 1997 by Rajeev Dhingra. The editorial in the first edition, 1997, explained that the non-profit organization was started so that young people interested in journalism could receive practical, on-the-job training and, in the process, provide Delhi’s Hindi-speaking public with a local newspaper. The early editions of New Era Press (P) Ltd averaged eight pages. Its all-volunteer, all-student staff quickly swelled to include enthusiastic members of the expat community, as well as correspondents up and down the hemisphere, former colleagues of the Dyers who were delights to lend a hand to the feisty little weekly. Despite boasting readers in all India. We also continue to welcome students and aspiring journalists from all over the world, and are proud that many of our grads have gone on to top jobs with major newspapers and magazines in the India.